The Sweet Escape

                      Chocolate mousse has been an all time favourite of mine. I’d never found the courage to make it till i came across this recipe my mother had jotted down on the last pages of my high school history note book (wish i had read history earlier, i’d have made some mousse in the bargain). Guess there is always a right time for everything and that moment came three days ago.

Unlike the traditional chocolate mousse, this one is vegetarian and pretty easy to make. Yet there is no compromise on the taste and texture of the original Mousse au Chocolat.

Chocolate Mousse ingredients (serves 3):

 1 –  50 ml of fresh cream

2 – 150 ml of fresh cream (for whipping) or ready made whipped cream

3 – 125 gms of dark or milk cooking chocolate (grated or cut into small pieces)

Making the Ganache – Heat the fresh cream (50 ml) on a double boiler and slowly add the chocolate while stirring with a spoon. It’s important to note that the cream should be heated just enough to melt the chocolate. In a few minutes the chocolate and cream mixture transforms into a smooth and glossy Ganache. Once this is done remove from flame and keep aside to cool. If you don’t have ready-made whipped cream you can whip the cream yourself with an eggbeater or a whisk. Place the bowl of fresh cream in an ice bath while whipping. Cream, kept at a lower temperature, takes less time to get whipped into soft peaks – ergo the ice bath.Worried about calories? whisking the cream manually will help burn some, before the binge. Once the cream is thick enough and forms soft peaks, gently fold it into the Ganache.

Mum’s tip: “If you are folding in a clockwise direction, stick to it.

When the cream and Ganache are combined well, transfer it into short glasses (like i did) or ramekins. Cover with cling film and set to cool in the fridge for about three hours. Its best not to play peek a boo and keep opening the fridge, let the mousse rest in peace. After three hours your chocolate mousse should be ready. For garnish add grated chocolate,  a sprig of mint or a couple of fresh coffee beans.

Connoisseur’s words of wisdom:

The decadent way to dig into the chocolate mousse would be with the smallest spoon you have. Take small spoonfuls so that the mousse can be enjoyed for that much longer. Feel the dense creamy mass of bliss coat your lips, tongue, and palate – only to melt away leaving its faint reminisces.

Shweta 🙂

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