Does meaning ever exist

in anything

is meaning, meaning?

or is it just satisfaction.

will I ever understand?



a shower, suddenly

It made people put out their hands
It made people look up
It made people run
It made people stop
It made people shout
It made people quiet
It made people talk
It made people smile
It made people go in
It made people come out
It made people breathe
It made people sigh
it made people remember
and then  it was gone.

                                         – raghu


crisp, fresh, empty days

all stacked up,

i take one out each morning

and wonder what to do with it

read, write, wash, commute, dream

message, eat, think, run, wait, shoot

talk, piss, work, crib, worry, sweat

laugh, fake laugh, frown, buy, pray, sing

love, shout, diss, play, drool, faff, want

drink, puke, lose, walk, worry, see

regret, mail, hope, feel, smile, yawn

whistle, scribble, blah, blah, blah

it gets packed by night

all ready to go.


now I wonder where it went.

all those damn days

                                                  – raghu