Bombay on a 50mm

Talking about things overdue, i could not remember having been to marine drive in a long, long time. And with my friend Menosau (pronounced men-oh-saa) over from Nagaland it’d be now  or “…tomorrow…most definitely..i suwwwea…” Menosau was made of sterner stuff  “….Dont talk tommyrot – lets move it before I lose it” she rapped. Now, Nagas as you know are not a people to be trifled with, you could lose your hair and the scalp along with it.  so giving in at this point was to my advantage and being a good loser (having had countless opportunities at this) i graciously bowed to the popular wisdom of ‘doing it now, when you could just as bloody well do it tomorrow’ and prepared to set sail.

I grabbed a bag, took menosau’s camera (a 5dmkII), threw on the 50mm f1.4 that i wanted to put through some street photography, and we were off.

I shot some pictures on the train to town but it was out on the road at marine drive that I could see the 50mm come into its own. It’s not for nothing that people love this little gem of a lens. The form factor is fabulous and it was a joy to hold and shoot with. The light of the sun was particularly beautiful that evening and i silently thanked menosau for getting me there. Walking along the breezy promenade, i found the 50mm sharp and decently fast. Wide open at f1.4, it was tough to manage razor focus for street work but at around f2 and above the lens was super sweet.

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– raghu